Frequently Asked Questions

When? Where?
I'm lost, Is there a Fairgrounds Map?


  • One-day passes are $10 per person. Three-day festival passes are $20 per person. Children 12 and under are admitted free.
  • Your festival pass grants you admission to all events happening during the festival, including evening stage shows, instructional workshops, the Friday night dance, and all vendor areas.
  • The festival pass does NOT include camping. Camping fees must be paid separately, to the Osceola County Fairgrounds. (More details on camping below.)
  • If you purchase a three-day pass for $20, and then pay for camping for four nights, your basic cost to attend the festival will be $120.

How Do I Register For The Festival?
  • Festival passes are sold on-site.
  • Attendees pay upon arrival.
  • You may pay with cash at the entrance gates to the fairgrounds.
  • If you prefer to pay by credit card or by check, you may purchase your festival passes in the Fairgrounds Office. (Building #3 on the Fairgrounds map.)
  • You will be given a festival ribbon, which you must wear on your person.
  • Please place the ribbon so that it is easily visible to our volunteers who staff the entrance gates.

How Do I Register For Workshops? 

  • There is no registration for workshops.
  • You may attend as many as you desire.
  • Everything is included.
  • All our instructors are volunteers, and they are generous with their time and talent.

Which Workshop Should I Choose?

  • Pre-beginner: has never played.
  • Beginner 1: Able to tune, and beginning to play.
  • Beginner 2: Able to play tunes and knows a few chords.
  • Intermediate: Plays many tunes from memory. Beginning to arrange and embellish.
  • Advanced: Confident embellishing, solid understanding of chords.

Where Can I Stay in Evart, Michigan?
  • Most attendees camp.  Some stay in local hotels.  Some stay in vacation homes.  Here is information about each of these options.

Camping At The Fairgrounds?
  • Most festival attendees camp at the Osceola County Fairgrounds
  • Camping fees for 2023 are $25/night for sites with water and electric, and $20/night for primitive sites.  
  • The Fairgrounds does NOT take reservations.  All sites are available on a first come, first served basis.  Please call the Fairgrounds at (231) 734-5481
  • The Fairgrounds will allow you to start paying for a campsite before you arrive.  If you are not going to arrive until Wednesday or Thursday, you may want to consider paying for a campsite starting on Monday just to ensure that you get the site that you prefer.
  • Campground Camping policies:
  • Fairgrounds map:
  • Please call the Fairgrounds at (231) 734-5481 for additional questions.


  • Please do not ride your bike during the festival.
  • Bikes are allowed before and after the festival and anywhere outside of the fairgrounds.

Sewer Hookups?
  • There are no individual sewer hookups for campers. 
  • Yes there is a dump station.

Other Campgrounds?
  • There is one hotel in Evart, Michigan, but rooms fill up quickly in the fall when the hotel starts to take reservations for the following year.  You can always check with the Osceola Grand Hotel to see if they have had any cancellations.  (231) 734-0470
  • There are hotels available in Big Rapids, Cadillac, and Clare.  Each of those locations is a 35 to 40 minute drive from Evart.

Vacation Homes?

  • B.C. Pizza - 7th Street, Evart.  Pizza, subs, salad, pasta.  Lunch buffet.
  • Chase Creek Smokehouse - Chase, MI, approximately 25 minutes west of Evart, on U.S. 10. 
  • Jerry’s College of Knowledge - Main Street, Evart.  Burgers.  Great coffee.
  • Lamplighter Cafe - 7th Street, Evart.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  • Mishler’s Drive In - 7th Street, Evart.  Burgers, sandwiches, root beer, & ice cream.
  • Pompeii’s Pizza - 7th Street, Evart.  Pizza, subs, calzones, stromboli, salad, soup.
  • Sixth & Main - Main Street, Evart.  Appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, soup, wraps, pasta, fish, pizza.

Food Vendors?

  • There are multiple food and beverage vendors on site. 
  • On-site food vendors are contracted by the Fairgrounds. 
  • We will update this list as we become aware of the vendors that have agreed to be at the FunFest.
    • Evart Lion’s Club
    • Olive Branch

Grocery Store?
  • Foster's Market is right next to the fairgrounds, within walking distance.

How Many Tents, Cars, People Can Occupy a Single Campsite?
  • What we can tell you is that, in general, a campsite is intended for a single family, which usually means one camper, or one tent.
  • A second, small tent for children is usually allowed.
  • One car or truck can be parked at the campsite.
  • If you have a second vehicle that vehicle needs to be parked in the parking area immediately to the east of the Fairgrounds.

Bathrooms & Showers?

  • There are three facilities with showers, sinks, and toilets. They are clean and well-maintained. There may be peak periods where one must wait for a shower, but in general waiting is not an issue.

Laundry Facilities?

  • There are no onsite laundry facilities.
  • A US 10 Laundry is located at 505 W. 7th Street, about ¼ of a mile east of the Fairgrounds.

Group Camping Areas?

  • Yes. Call the Fairgrounds to check on the availability of group camping areas.  231-734-5481


  • Campfires are not allowed.

Quiet Hours?

  • There are no quiet hours.
  • Please understand that this is a players festival, and music is played at all hours of the day and night, including in the camping areas. 
  • You may wake up to music, and you may fall asleep to music.  Please do not expect to have total quiet.
  • Bring your earplugs for sleeping.


  • Pets are allowed. 
  • Once the festival begins on Thursday pets must be leashed and remain at the campsite.  

Alcohol and Drugs?

  • We work hard to make sure this is a family friendly festival. 
  • Drugs and alcohol are not permitted on the Fairgrounds.

I have another Camping Question

What instruments are allowed during FunFest? (per the ODPC Festival Manual)

  • All non-electric stringed instruments, including, but not limited to: dulcimers, guitars, basses, banjos, fiddles, mandolins, and harps.
  • All non-electric keyboard instruments, including but not limited to: accordions, concertinas, and acoustic pianos.  Only acoustic pianos owned and controlled by the ODPC will be permitted on the grounds.
  • Simple wind instruments that do not have mechanical keys, including but not limited to: recorders, penny whistles, 3-hole pipes, fifes, bamboo flutes, Pan pipes, and ceramic flutes.
  • Miscellaneous musical instruments, including but not limited to: harmonicas, jaw harps, bagpipes, and bodhrans.

What instruments are not allowed during FunFest? (per the ODPC Festival Manual)

  • All instruments that require electricity to operate.  Examples: guitars, basses, keyboards which require electricity or batteries; amplifiers and public address systems, other than ODPC equipment used during stage shows or approved for use at a workshop.
  • All band brass instruments. Examples: trumpets, trombones, tubas, French horns, baritones, bugles, euphoniums.
  • All woodwind instruments. Examples, saxophones, oboes, bassoons, clarinets, flutes, English horns, piccolos.

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