The ODPC has a long history of presenting and preserving the music and traditions of the hammered dulcimer. When Elgia Hickok and Gene Cox formed the club in 1963, they were comitted to making sure the hammered dulcimer would be around for many generations beyond their years.
     With the successful history of the club and the ODPC FunFest, the hammered dulcimer now enjoys a level of success and notoriety that the founders could have only dreamed of.  


     The ODPC Dulcimer Loaner Program offers new players the opportunity to get some real hands-on experience without the expense of buying a new instrument.  We have several student and beginner hammered dulcimers available for you to try.  We will also suggest computer based lessons that will get you started and dulcimer teachers that may be in your area. If you would like more information on the loaner program contact us.


The ODPC Dulcimer Loaner Program

The ODPC Mentor Program


     The ODPC mentor program connects new players with professional teachers or other experienced players.  The history of passing down the music through the generations is how we approach the mentorship program.  A one-on-one experience with a veteran player always yields wonderful results and builds long lasting friendships. Many dulcimer players around the country welcome the idea of taking a new player "under their wing" and showing them the ropes.  If you would like more information about the mentorship program, contact us.


ODPC Sponsored Jam Sessions

     The opportunity to get together and play tunes is why we exist.  Many groups throughout the country have weekly or monthy jam sessions. Often times dulcimers, guitars, fiddles and mandolins will show up and new and old tunes are learned.  If you would like to be made aware of when and where ODPC sponsored sessions take place, contact us and we will get you on the mailing list. 

The Original Dulcimer Players 

Club Mission