Join us in the festivity!

  • There will be mementos for the occasion, cake & ice cream and a fun game of members through the decades.

  • Something special too...a photo booth!!! Step into the photo booth for a commemorative set of anniversary photos of you and your friends.

  • There will be a memorabilia table with lots of historic items/articles.

  • There will also be videos of ODPC meetings/Funfests on a large screen.

Look back on our History!

Visit Our historian Paul Goelz's YouTube channel for many additional Evart ODPC videos and documentaries such as:

The Original Dulcimer Players Club (ODPC)

60th Anniversary Party

2023 marks the 60th Anniversary of the formation of the ODPC

You are Invited!

Saturday July 15, 4-6pm in the Community Hall  

Do You Have History?

If you have any photos or interesting historical ODPC artifacts,
please send them to our ODPC Historian Paul Goelz