2016 Stage Show Performers

(subject to change)

Pam Bowman

Carry It On

Randy Clepper

Russell Cook

Matthew Dickerson

Hedda Doyle and the Skat Cats

Gracie Fisher

Scott Freeman

Bing Futch

Tina Gugeler, 2015 National Hammer Dulcimer Champion

John and Karen Keane

Dan Landrum

Annette & David Lindsey

David Mahler

Ilace Mears

Sarah Morgan

Katie Moritz

Sharon O’Connell

Michael Opp

Brett Ridgeway & Phyllis Woods Brown

Sam Rizzetta

Bill Robinson

Timothy Seaman

Stephen Seifert

Christine Shoemaker

Steve & Ruth Smith

Sonas, with DeeDee Tibbits

Wendy Songe

Squirrel’s Nest

Sweet Friends In Music

Rick Thum

Larry Unger

Jon Weinberg

Ted Yoder

Andy Young