The best way to learn about a new instrument is to attend classes presented by a qualified teacher. At FunFest you can take advantage of three days of workshops during which over 200 classes are offered between 9-5 each day. About half of the workshops are taught for the hammer dulcimer. Classes are also taught for the mountain dulcimer, guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, harp, autoharp, ukulele and others, depending on the availability that year of a teacher for a particular instrument.
Workshop attendance is included in the price of festival admission, and you may attend just a few or as many as you like. The hardest part is making a choice when many good ones are offered at the same time! And if you'd like a chance to jam with others but aren't comfortable dropping in on a group, there are slow jam classes for beginners at which everyone is welcome. If you have children attending with you, they will also have a choice of workshops to attend that are geared for them which include music and arts and crafts. There is something for everyone at FunFest!